Sunday, June 20, 2004

Will Michael Moore's Facts Check Out?

Michael Moore's new documentary movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" is bound to generate lots of talking heads trying to dispute or spin the facts in this movie. But apparently Mr. Moore is prepared. According to a NY Times article on June 20, 2004 titled "Will Michael Moore's Facts Check Out?," Mr. Moore is "readying for a conservative counterattack, saying he has created a political-style 'war room' to offer an instant response to any assault on the film's credibility." He has hired some highly respected strategists and fact-checkers to vet the film and is threatening to "bring defamation suits against anyone who maligns the film or damages his reputation." Moore says "Any attempts to libel me will be met by force." He goes on to say: "The most important thing we have is truth on our side. If they persist in telling lies, knowingly telling a lie with malice, then I'll take them to court."

The most talked-about moments in the film may prove to be the least impeachable. As stated in the article: "Mr. Moore makes extensive use of obscure footage from White House and network-news video archives, including long scenes that capture President Bush at his least articulate. For the White House, the most devastating segment of 'Fahrenheit 9/11' may be the video of a befuddled-looking President Bush staying put for nearly seven minutes at a Florida elementary school on the morning of Sept. 11, continuing to read a copy of 'My Pet Goat' to schoolchildren even after an aide has told him that a second plane has struck the twin towers. Mr. Bush's slow, hesitant reaction to the disastrous news has never been a secret. But seeing the actual footage, with the minutes ticking by, may prove more damaging to the White House than all the statistics in the world."