Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Expect more terror alerts before Nov. 2; Putting things in perspective

Expect a higher state of alert in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 2 election. The Bush administration will be doing everything it can to scare the pants off the citizens of the USA to get them to either be afraid to vote, or to think that a vote for them is a vote for safety. Anyone that follows that logic will be making a grave mistake. Remember that it was the Bush administration that took its eye off the ball and ignored all advice and all the warnings leading up to 9/11. Remember that when Bush was told that the USA was "under attack" he sat for seven (7) very long minutes doing nothing to ensure the safety and security of this country or its citizens. Action during those seven (7) very long minutes could have potentially saved the lives of some in Washington DC. If not for the actions of the passengers on one plane, Bush's failure to lead during those critical minutes could have cost thousands of more lives.

Here's a way every citizen can put this in perspective:
You are at work in a meeting. You are the head of your household. Someone walks into the meeting and whispers in your ear that your family is "under attack."

Do you
(a) Just sit there waiting for a break in the proceedings, or
(b) Excuse yourself politely and then go and do everything in your power to protect your family?

If you picked (a), then your family either perished or was seriously wounded during your failure to act, and if they survived they are currently in extreme danger and cannot depend on you in an emergency.

If the lives of your family members have any value to you at all, then you cannot in good conscience vote for George W. Bush.