Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Spin, spin, spin.

Mike Malloy
The Mike Malloy Show

Spin, spin, spin. The talking heads on the alphabet networks are doing their best to nullify Sen. Edwards' absolute victory over the nihilism of the Cheney vampire last night. Is it working? Are our crack media pundits earning those Republican plaudits they so deeply cherish? Probably. They all live in the land of the Red Queen - the echo chamber - where "it's true because I say it's true!" Ah, but, what about the real world? What are they saying in the heartland? A quick example from the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Some of [Edwards’] most effective moments last night concerned Iraq. He hit Cheney on several fronts, and Cheney's answers -- when he chose to answer at all -- were not particularly persuasive…." the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “If Vice President Dick Cheney was on the defensive in Tuesday night's debate with Democratic challenger John Edwards - and he often appeared to be -- he could thank a couple of sucker punches from his own side.” In the real America, the contrast between Cheney's manufactured fear and loathing and Sen. Edwards' optimism was starkly apparent.