Friday, November 05, 2004

The Exit Polls Were NOT Wrong!

The press continues to fail to report that the problem is not that the exit polls were wrong. The real story that no one seems to want to write, is that the election was stolen. The e-voting machines registered votes different from what were entered. There is much annecdotal reporting about this from the various states that used these machines -- people reporting that they voted for Kerry but the machine confirmed a vote for Bush. In other reports, voting for a proposition where there were multiple props on a screen resulted in ALL the propositions being pre-filled with the same yes or no choice. In addition to the e-voting problems, many precincts around the country had other problems, such as missing voter logs, hundreds of thousands of requested absentee ballots never getting to voters or getting lost or destroyed once sent in. The military votes have yet to be counted. The provisional ballots have yet to be counted. There has been extreme fraud and corruption, yet no one seems to be reporting on this. The exit polls were right, just like they were in 2000 in Florida, where disenfranchisement and "lost" and uncounted votes fraudulently led to Bush being appointed President.