Friday, November 12, 2004

Help America (Re)Count

Good News From Bev Harris

This is amazing and very hopeful! Bev Harris and Ralph Nader had a press conference in DC today. They have teamed up with and have set up a 527 special fund to buy recounts. They worked with Bev Harris's lawyer who is an election specialist attorney. They have found a little used law that allows a recount if it's requested by five citizens who voted in that state and did not vote for the candidate who won. The state wants a down payment of ten dollars a precinct, so they need money fast!

Send to the fund All the funds are for recounts and will be prioritized by the most suspicious counties first. It will be about $200,000 to recount Ohio, which is the first target because it has very provable anomolies that show massive fraud- Bev says, "Very strange and impossible math"; then Florida.

If you go to or and can't get there, it's because their website keeps getting shut down and they keep having to put it back up. They are going to have to switch to a specialist host; a company who specializes in protecting websites that are under attack constantly. So if you can't get there, keep trying.

Also, there is a woman who has, on her own, filed for a recount in Nevada, using the same law.

And, Ralph Nader is going to pay for a recount in New Hampshire to audit the Diebold machines there.

About the Help America Recount Fund from their website:

"The Help America Recount Fund is a new 527 fund affiliated with and the National Ballot Integrity Project. The sole purpose of the Help America Recount Fund is to finance presidential ballot recounts in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere, for the 2004 election. For more information, contact us at Or you can reach us at Help America Recount Fund, Law Offices of Lowell Finley, 1604 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707-2109"

All this info came from Bev Harris on "Unfiltered" on Air America Wednesday. Go to Scroll down to Air America Audio Highlights. (These usually only stay up a day or two). Look for Unfiltered (November 10th, 2004) "Bev Harris, founder of talks to Unfiltered about her latest efforts to look into potential voter fraud, and offers some hope that we may indeed get a recount before the electoral college officially re-elects Bush." (link is on Air America website).