Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Unfiltered update re: Counting the Votes

November 17, 2004


Ohio, the mother of all battleground states, will be recounted…

No thanks to the Democratic Party, enough money has been raised to fund a recount of the entire state.

No thanks to the media, the recount will occur under the radar screen without a peep from the networks.

We can thank the third parties -- the Greens and the Libertarians -- and regular old individual concerned citizens, who raised the one hundred and thirteen thousand dollars needed to start the recount. More than that was raised online in just four days, mostly in contributions of less than fifty bucks.

And more money is needed for recount monitors on the ground in Ohio. To make a donation.. check our HELPAMERICARECOUNT.ORG.

For updates on Ohio’s recount.. which you probably won’t get on the nightly news, go to


In the eleven Ohio counties that have finished checking the provisional ballots, 81% have turned out to be valid.

In New Hampshire, Nader has requested a recount in the 11 districts that used Diebold’s optical scan machines. The recount starts Thursday.

Washington still doesn’t have a governor. Republican Dino Rossi is leading Democrat Christine Gregoire by nineteen votes. Six-thousand votes remain to be counted. A recount is likely.

Right-wing media is calling MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann a “voice of paranoia.” Olbermann is the only network host who insisted on covering the recount efforts.