Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Senior CIA analyst stands down


Senior CIA analyst stands down

A senior intelligence officer at the CIA has resigned, the sixth high-ranking official to leave since the appointment of a new spy chief.

Deputy director of intelligence Jami Miscik is the most senior official to quit since Porter Goss took over the CIA with a mandate for reform.

Ms Miscik has headed the CIA's analysis branch since 2002, overseeing regular reports to the US president.

She described her departure as a "natural evolution", reports said.

She told staff of her decision in an email on Tuesday, the New York Times reported.

Ms Miscik's departure had been expected since Mr Goss was appointed CIA director in September.

Intelligence shake-up

Her tenure as head of the analytical branch was dogged by controversy over intelligence provided in the run up to the war in Iraq that was later discredited.

According to reports in the New York Times, Ms Miscik was told before Christmas that Mr Goss wanted to make a change and the decision to depart "was not hers".

Mr Goss' reforms have already seen a number of the former congressman's political allies appointed to the CIA.

At least five other officers have already resigned, including senior figures in the CIA's clandestine operations directorate.

Mr Goss succeeded George Tenet as CIA chief with a mandate to reform the agency, which was heavily criticised by the bipartisan 9/11 Commission report.

In addition to changes at the CIA, new legislation will create a new post of national intelligence director and a national intelligence centre.