Wednesday, February 23, 2005


MILITARY -- SEND IN THE UNDERTRAINED: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
isn't working hard enough
to ensure that our troops are properly equipped; now he's trying to
rush them to war without sufficient training either. In a Jan. 31 memo,
Rumsfeld "asked the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to provide
options for cutting back
( military
officer education during 'stress periods.'" Rumsfeld is exploring this
option in order "to allow greater numbers [of troops] to be available
for deployment," yet another sign that the Army is understaffed for
waging the dual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while also training for
unforeseen conflicts. The proposal has some uniformed military outraged, with
one senior Army official commenting, "We're so good because of our
professional education, and you can't eliminate it, postpone it or reduce
it if you want a professional military." Unfortunately, Rumsfeld's plan
is already being tested out; "the Army's 4th Infantry division has
decided to pull 29 officers out of [their training] early to send them to