Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Estate Tax Malarkey

Estate Tax Malarkey

Misleading ads exaggerate what the tax costs farmers, small businesses
and "your family."


In TV and radio ads two conservative groups greatly overstate the
burden that the federal estate tax puts on heirs to a family farm or

One ad claims the federal estate tax "can bury your family in crippling
tax bills," which is untrue for nearly all of those who will see the
ad, including the large majority of farm and business owners. Both ads
claim the estate tax is a "double tax," which is only partly true, and
mostly false when it comes to very wealthy families.

We take no position on whether the estate tax should or should not be
repealed permanently. The claims made in these one-sided ads, however,
present a misleading picture of who is actually affected by the tax.

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