Friday, September 16, 2005

Bush's Address: Operation Deadbeat Dad
Bob Cesca: Bush's Address: Operation Deadbeat Dad

While listening to the president tonight, I couldn't help but to think that this effort for the Gulf Coast -- a Deadbeat Dad version of The New Deal -- is something which would've reshaped the Bush era and might've prevented some of what we saw during Katrina...

...had it been executed in 2001 in all poverty-stricken regions.

Imagine how much of Bush's record deficit could've been used for this so-called Army of Compassion (leave it to Bush to make "compassion" sound warlike) had he not squandered it in Iraq and in tax cuts for his base. You know his base: "the haves, and the have mores" he called them; remember this quote when listening to the president discuss "compassion for the nation's poor".

Here's some advice for other impoverished regions of the nation: if you want the attention of the Republicans, throw yourself a disaster. Otherwise, you'll be ignored, shunned, and disenfranchised in lieu of special interests, big oil, wealthy cronies, and overriding political goals which have more to do with global domination and domestic fasco-corporate rule.

Make no mistake; this is NOT the president suddenly feeling compassion for the poor. This is no more than an evil deadbeat Dad who skips out on his wife and kids, then shows up years later in the driveway with a handsome pony wrapped in a big red, white, and blue bow.

But in this case, the pony will be provided courtesy of Uncle Bechtel and Uncle KBR and Uncle Halliburton.

By the way, did you notice... No mention of exemptions from the Bankruptcy Bill. No mention of suspending the tax cuts. No mention of an independent commission. No mention of a new environmental policy to help prevent larger disasters as the result of global warming. Who will truly benefit from the Army of Compassion? The Army of Big Business and the Army of No Bid Contracts, to name a few.