Monday, September 19, 2005

N.Y. Independence Party Ousts Fulani

ABC News
N.Y. Independence Party Ousts Fulani
New York's Influential Independence Party Ousts Woman Accused of Making Anti-Semitic Remarks
The Associated Press

Sep. 19, 2005 - A woman accused of making anti-Semitic remarks was removed Sunday from the executive committee of New York's small but politically influential Independence Party.

Lenora Fulani's comments had drawn criticism not only from fellow Independence Party members, but also from powerful Democrats such as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and from Republicans including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Fulani has been accused of saying Jews "function as mass murderers of people of color" and "had to sell their souls" to acquire Israel.

Fulani and five of her supporters were purged from the Ross Perot-inspired party's 25-member executive committee after more than three hours of often heated debate.

"There are anti-Semites in this country, and a ton of them," Fulani said before the vote. "Lenora Fulani isn't one of them."

Fulani, who said she had many Jewish friends and colleagues, claimed Democrats were behind the move against her because of concern she was leading fellow blacks away from the Democratic Party. She remains a leader of the Manhattan wing of the Independence Party.

Fulani, who ran for president in 1988 and 1992 on the New Alliance Party ticket, has been a perennial candidate for state and city offices in New York.