Friday, December 23, 2005

Bush Details Pay Raises for Federal Workers

ABC News
Bush Details Pay Raises for Federal Workers
Bush Signs Executive Order to Raise Federal Workers' Pay
The Associated Press

WASHINGTON - President Bush on Thursday outlined pay raises that take effect in January for federal workers, members of Congress, judges even Vice President Dick Cheney.

Congress passed the pay raises earlier this year, but Bush was required to sign an executive order detailing the pay hikes before the end of the year.

The president's annual salary of $400,000 is not affected by the legislation.

The cost-of-living raise lifts salaries for members of the House and Senate by 1.9 percent from $162,100 this year to $165,200 in 2006.

The measure provides most civilian white-collar civil servants with at least a 2.1 percent overall average pay increase.

Uniformed military personnel will receive a 3.1 percent increase in basic pay next year.

The 1.9 percent pay hike also applies to the vice president who is president of the Senate congressional leaders and Supreme Court justices.

The pay for Cheney, House Speaker Dennis Hastert and the chief justice of the Supreme Court, who is now John Roberts, will go from $208,100 to $212,100. Associate justices move from $199,200 to $203,000 and House and Senate majority and minority leaders' pay jumps from $180,100 to $183,500.