Sunday, January 01, 2006

Leftover Questions from 2005
Leftover Questions from 2005
Norman Horowitz

Wouldn't it be nice for someone to ask our president these questions?

Did the German occupiers of France in the early forties refer to the members of the French resistance as terrorists?

Were the Vietnamese terrorists when they resisted both French and then American occupation?

Why are the people who are fighting an invading army (ours) called terrorists or insurgents?

Why do we still try to connect those people who are fighting in and for their own country to the 9/11 terrorists?

Does it justify continuing to kill and maim innocents in Iraq, by merely saying that we are targeting insurgents?

Why have we not been told what has happened to the Iraqi oil produced while we are hanging out in Iraq?

What do you plan on doing with the Iraqi oil when our mission is complete?

Do you plan on keeping troops in Iraq after we achieve victory?

People who support this war call people who don't "cowards." Is it cowardly to want to end the war?

Why do you accuse those who do not wish to continue the war of "playing politics"?

Why do you still pretend that we are leading a "real" coalition?

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What will be our mission be once we accomplish our mission?

So much for an "it will never happen Q&A" with the president.

I wish I knew why 2006 would be any better for America then 2005.

Maybe the cable news networks will prosper as "the system" deals with a few minor violations of the constitution, and criminal charges against members of the Executive and Congressional branches of the government

Maybe the New York Times will refuse to give up the names of the patriots (excuse me, the criminals) who blew the whistle on the president about domestic spying without court approval?

Bring back the glory days of the missing White house files, the travel office stuff, and Whitewater. Now that's what I call important!

Happy New Year!