Sunday, February 05, 2006

Why Are the Democrats Helping to Derail the Abramoff Investigation?

The Huffington Post

Why Are the Democrats Helping to Derail the Abramoff Investigation?
Martin Garbus

Seven days ago, after I wrote that Bush was trying to interfere with the Abramoff scandal, we learned the Democratic Senators are now exercised by the possibility that Bush will appoint his own man to take over the investigation.

As you may remember, Noel Hillman, the federal prosecutor was offered a New Jersey Federal Judgeship by Bush.

The Democrat Senators in New Jersey wanted Susan Wingenton to have a New Jersey federal judgeship. Bush said no, I will appoint her only if Hillman is removed as the Abramoff prosecutor.

I propose a deal says Bush, if you agree to remove Hillman, I will appoint Ms. Wingenton to the federal bench along with Mr. Hillman.

The two New Jersey Democratic Senators say yes and the deal is sealed.

Hillman works for Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, who has the right to appoint his successor.

The Democrats, seemingly only recently came in grips with the fact that they have no control over Hillman's successor.

They are crying for a special prosecutor which may or may not happen.

The Republicans oppose it, there will be a war. The Democrats did not make, as a condition of the deal, that they have any say in deciding on Hillman's successor.

Why did the Democrats put themselves in this position? Was it foolishness or something else?