Monday, April 10, 2006

DeLay Is the New Republican
DeLay Is the New Republican
Alec Baldwin

Watching DeLay go out again gives you a pretty good idea what kind of heart beats inside of the GOP body these days. DeLay, who decided to force the issue of redistricting outside of the traditional period following a census, pulled a big coup for the Republicans, who didn't care that he stood decades of political protocol on its ear in the process. (One wonders if Democrats will push for the same kind of petty partisan tactics if they take control.)

DeLay is the New Republican. Gut the protocol on redistricting? No problem. Gonzales says that the President can wiretap the communications of US citizens inside the country without a court order? So what. Hastert and Frist sit back and watch while Bush conducts a shamelessly ineffective war and thousands of US soldiers needlessly die? Big deal. (Vietnam fell thirty years ago and that's made a real difference in American life since then, right?)

Many people have commented on these pages that the Democrats will not do any better. I believe in my heart that this is overwhelmingly untrue. If you are talking about weasels like Zell Miller, then you may have something. If you are talking about Lieberman, I agree he is a disappointment, in many ways. There are others, in both houses, who should be ashamed of how they have allowed post-9/11 fear to bottle up their logic and sense of duty. But a Democratic Congress of practically ANY makeup would be better than the swine, cowards and indictable thugs we have in there now. DeLay leaves his office as we knew he would. He has learned nothing. "Liberal media" are still to blame. (Where is that media? I want a subscription.) We currently have a breed in the leadership roles in Congress who are the worst in our history, because they learn nothing.

Talk of impeaching Bush is foolhardy. This crowd on the Hill wouldn't have the balls to impeach Bush if HE were found in a broom closet with Lewinsky. They have no guts, no hearts and no honor. Impeaching Cheney would be incredibly satisfying, because I don't think a Constitution-hating sociopath should serve as Vice President. But that's how bad this situation is. Even a hate-filled maniac who outs a CIA agent in the service of her country just to punish her husband, all because the husband was on to the maniac's scheme to start an illegitimate war, even he gets a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card from this GOP Congress.

These are the same guys who impeached Bill Clinton. Disgraced him and his family. For nothing, really, compared to what we face now. I've said it before, I'll say it again: What is truly great about the United States is that not even eight years of some trust fund puppet and his sociopathic puppeteer can destroy this country.