Monday, April 17, 2006

Life Imitates Art on "24"
Life Imitates Art on "24"
Jamie Frevele

I just can't believe it. Ever since the last season of Fox's "24," I have wanted to lend a helping hand to the befuddled President Charles Logan, who took over the sitting president's place after Air Force One crashed. This poor guy has been quite possibly the most incompetent, unqualified president television has ever seen, but at the same time, you knew he probably threw a great
barbecue. He wasn't a bad guy, just a dumb guy. And if he wasn't dumb, he sure was oblivious.

But now, as we found out last week, he is actually the man behind the horrible terrorist activity that has taken place on the fifth "longest day" of Jack Bauer's life. It's not really clear why Logan has done this yet, but to find out that a president you've been doubting could ever be devious enough to cause irreparable harm to his own citizens is just heartbreaking. This is a president who made it possible for terrorists to acquire biological weapons to use on Americans! And why? Well, we don't know yet, but in the public eye is a steadfast and determined President Logan. Behind closed doors is a scheming, corrupt administration. What about the barbecue? What about the good ol' boy we wanted to get behind who only had the best interests of America at heart, despite the painful sacrifices we would have to make to defend ourselves? Would we have stood by Logan if the situation had gotten worse? Of course! He's just a man, after all! Just a poor, inept man who never planned for this to happen.

But nooooooooooooooo.

Now he turns around and reveals himself for the snake he really is: a man who orchestrated attacks that would harm Americans, cleared the way for destruction and in the meantime discredit those who doubted him as a president. How dare those critics say he couldn't do it. How dare they question his abilities and authority. Well, lookee here: I can start a war and deal with it just as well as anyone else can! And if the people don't believe me, I'll just release some secret
documents outlining the manipulated information I tried to pass off as factual threats, maybe out a few covert agents who were actually trying to help my feeble cause, and let them see for themselves: I'm not the problem, just the situation I created.