Friday, April 07, 2006

Woodward Affirms Bush Is a Liar
Woodward Affirms Bush Is a Liar
Steve Cobble

I found the back-and-forth between David Corn & Bob Woodward fascinating today.

What I found most fascinating, though, is what Corn dragged out of Woodward, who defends himself by pointing out all the times in his book that he wrote that Bush was telling his close advisors and Tony Blair that we were going to war, while at the same time publicly maintaining that we were searching for peace.

In other words, Woodward defends himself by pointing out, in numerous ways, that George W. Bush is a liar.

Now the fact that Bush is a liar comes as no shock to HuffPost readers, and certainly not to the multitudes who have perused my little posts over these past months, or gone to the web site I co-founded.

But I am puzzled--you see, I read the Washington Post every single morning, and for the life of me I can't remember the big front-page headlines where the biggest-name reporter in the Western World specifically called George W. Bush a liar about the biggest issue facing America.

And if Bob Woodward called Bush & Cheney out on one of his numerous TV appearances, I sure didn't hear about that, either.

So Bob, now that you've taken offense at David Corn's essay, would you mind following up on your own points?

Did you show these Bush Administration lies to your editors?

Did you ask for them to run a "Bush Is Lying Us Into a Needless War!" headline for the front page?

Did you ask to run an opinion column, where you drove home those lies with full force, day after day, with the intensity of Bob Novak pushing for a capital gains tax cut?

Did you ask to go on Larry King in March of 2003, as war approached, in order to make a last-ditch personal effort to stop the war, based on the insider knowledge that you had, but the mothers of the thousands of soon-to-be dead and wounded soldiers did not have?

Did you offer to write a piece for the London papers, pointing out Tony Blair's integral role in these lies?

Did you ask your editors to treat the Bush lies with at least as much intensity on the front pages, and as much repetition, as they gave the dread Whitewater/Lewinsky saga?

Did you, once you learned that Bush & Cheney & Rumsfeld & Rice were all lying to the American people, did you do everything you could to stop the war from starting?

And now that you're being so public about it, are you ready to come out publicly for impeachment? or at least censure?

Let me guess. No.