Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bush protesters chant for peace

Bush protesters chant for peace
Associated Press

MILWAUKEE President Bush's motorcade was greeted by about 150 protesters, who milled about in the damp and cool conditions in downtown Milwaukee chanting for peace.

The majority of the protesters were nuns from The Sisters of Saint Joseph.

The organization was holding a convention in Milwaukee and the nuns chanted "No More War" and "We Want Peace" while holding signs shaped like doves.

Mary Anne Rodgers of Albany, New York, says that they are praying for Bush.

Jim Maurer of Milwaukee says he came out to protest because he thought Republicans were dishonest.

He held a poster of an oil barrel that thanked Bush and Congressman Mark Green for passing tax breaks to benefit the wealthy and oil companies.

Bush was in town today to tour a shoe company and hold a fund-raising event for Green, the Republican Party's candidate for governor.