Saturday, August 12, 2006

VIDEO: Going Up Against Ann Coulter on CNBC

Huffington Post
VIDEO: Going Up Against Ann Coulter on CNBC
David Sirota

I had the chance to debate Ann Coulter today on CNBC's Kudlow and Company - and wow, for one of the GOP's top icons, she was truly unimpressive. You can watch the video of the ensuing debate here in .mov format, and here on YouTube. I cited a bunch of facts that Coulter never bothered to even address, much less refute.

For instance, I said that I believed the GOP has overplayed its hand on national security, and that Ann Coulter's declarations calling for the bombing of office buildings in New York, the poisoning of a Supreme Court Justice and the murder of Rep. Jack Murtha make her and the Republican Party sound like terrorists - and the American public is revulsed. Coulter, of course, had no answer - first doing her best deer-in-the-headlights routine, then reverting to tired, cliched RNC talking points, and finally denying the basic facts about public opinion research on the Iraq War. Go check out the whole thing - frankly, if this is the best the Republicans have, Democrats are going to really carry election day come November. We are watching the very public implosion of the GOP - and boy is it fun to watch.

(Thanks to Media Matters and reader Ozy for getting the video online!)