Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Good Night, and Good Luck

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Frank Dwyer
Good Night, and Good Luck

In an important, though distressing, post a few hours ago, Jeff Cohen warned us that Keith Olbermann may be in trouble. Given the politics and history of Olbermann's bosses at NBC/GE, how much longer will they allow him to have a platform? His show could be canceled.

If that happens, my wife and I will cheerfully add NBC (and MSNBC) to our list of blocked channels.

It's surprising how easy and fulfilling that is: we're doing fine without swiftboat ABC. I hope many of you will join us. If they act like FOX, let them enjoy FOX ratings.

As for Olbermann, I have a suggestion about his future.

He's a brilliant, eloquent, quick-witted, fearless progressive. (How many other Democratic leaders deserve all--or any--of those adjectives?) His passion, clarity, and force make him a hero in a time singularly lacking in heroes. He's become a true leader, a spokesperson for the righteous indignation of the decent, for the hope of the afflicted,
for the conscience of America, for the liberal movement.


Why not? Why not select a national leader with such qualifications? Some will point out that he has no experience as a politician. Is that really such a disadvantage, especially given his manifest excellence? Isn't it time we used a wider net to choose our leaders, since our old net is clearly beyond repair?

GORE-OLBERMANN. Why not have a ticket with two heroes?

Imagine the campaign: saving the planet, saving the democracy, saving the middle class, saving the poor, having allies again. Not being ashamed of your leaders. Being proud of them!

Imagine the vice-presidential debate.

Morning is apparently inevitable now, after a very bad night, though how could morning following night have come to be such a close call? So "Good night, and good luck," and then "Good morning!"--and let's begin making our own luck. We're citizens. It's a democracy. It's about time.