Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lynne Cheney: LYING LIAR

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Martin Lewis
Lynne Cheney: LYING LIAR

"I have never written anything sexually explicit..." - Lynne Cheney on CNN "The Situation Room" - October 27th 2006.

Lynne Cheney - you are a liar. A lying liar. And as an author who is currently hyping a book targeted at children - you should be especially ashamed of the flagrant tissue of lies that spewed from your lips today.

Please explain the presence of the lesbian love affair, brothels and attempted rapes in your serious literary work "Sisters" (1981)

And what is the character of the Vice President in your book "The Body Politic" (1988) doing to his mistress at the precise moment when he has a heart attack? Playing mahjong perhaps?

Here's a link to "Sisters" - especially interesting to social conservatives and Virginia voters who wish to see how the Vice President's wife extols "family values":

Read the entire book online. (Kleenex not included)

Further Reading:

"Sisters" (1981) (ISBN 0-451-11204-0)
"The Body Politic" (1988) (ISBN 0-312-97963-0)