Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Wake-up Call for American Voters - Iraq for Sale

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Francine Busby
A Wake-up Call for American Voters - Iraq for Sale

Ineffective measures, corporate cronyism and sheer incompetence set amidst an unnecessary war. On Oct. 6th, we sponsored a viewing of Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers for over one hundred people and it was a real eye-opener to see who's profiting from President Bush's fiasco.

We were honored to have with us Rick Jacobs, co-producer of the film, to speak about what we saw and answer questions, as well as Rudy Reyes who gave us the benefit of his first-hand experience in Iraq as a member of our special forces.

Iraq for Sale is a testament to the fact that this war was ill-conceived and horribly executed. Rather than build a shining example of democracy in Iraq with an infrastructure that was to be the envy of the region, the Bush administration left us with a terrorist breeding ground in an environment where corruption and crony-capitalism runs amok.

This film shines a bright light on how Congress abdicated its vital role in holding President Bush accountable for the conduct of this costly and wasteful distraction from the war on terrorism. The Iraq war will forever be known as Bush's disastrous adventure, and we can thank film makers like Robert Greenwald for documenting the fraud and incompetence as a wake-up call for American voters and a bitter lesson for this country's future leaders.

The campaign received 250 copies of "Iraq for Sale" from a generous donor. As part of the Busby campaign, each precinct captain is being given a given a DVD to help organize Get Out The Vote efforts. We have reached out to our activist community, provided them with copies of the film, and asked that they hold screening parties to educate potential voters. These combined efforts will help to spread the word.