Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fox News Buries Walter Reed Coverage

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Walter Reed? That's News To Them!
Rachel Sklar

TVNewser, always on top of this sort of thing, points out an interesting and telling statistic reagarding cable coverage of the widening and deepening Walter Reed scandal: CNN & MSNBC are covering the story more than TWICE as much as Fox News:

Between Feb. 18 and March 5, FNC has mentioned "Walter Reed" 93 times -- about six mentions per day. CNN has covered the story 224 times, and MSNBC has covered it 257 times.

These numbers were obtained by a TVNewser source searching cable transcripts using TVEyes.

Also on TVNewser: Walter Reed also loses out next to Anna Nicole Smith, who enjoys a robust popularity on both FNC & MSNBC as compared to the beleaguered veteran's hospital.

This is made apparent courtesy of ThinkProgress which has a highlight reel comparing the two has compiled a highlight reel of Anna Nicole vs. Walter Reed coverage. They ran the numbers on Friday, March 2nd, and here's what they got:

FOX NEWS: Anna Nicole - 121 Walter Reed - 10
MSNBC: Anna Nicole - 96 Walter Reed - 84
CNN: Anna Nicole - 40 Walter Reed - 53

Per ThinkProgress: "The most lop-sided coverage by far was aired by Fox News, which featured only 10 references to Walter Reed compared to 121 of Anna Nicole — roughly 12 times the coverage..."