Thursday, April 05, 2007

If the President vetoes the bill, he is the one denying the troops the money. and services

You Want To Fight These Bastards With Hope? Good Luck.
James Boyce

Here's my news flash of the last 24 hours.

George Bush, now called the most isolated President in the last 50 years by no less a source than noted liberal columnist Bob Novak, holds a press conference that is false and misleading. He invoked 9/11 and the war in Iraq at least three times and the core of his argument was a lie.

If he vetoes the bill, he is the one denying the troops the money.

Next up, hat tip to Markos to this, Orrin Hatch and Rush Limbaugh just make up not one or two but four absolute lies about fired US attorney Carol Lam.

They claimed she was just a law professor, but she never was.

They said she had no experience as a prosecutor, but she had 15 years.

They said she was appointed by Clinton, but she was appointed by Bush.

They claimed she was a campaign manager for Clinton, but she wasn't.

Now today, we have three atrocious recess appointments by George Bush.

One is a woman who thinks arsenic in drinking water is okay. She's in charge of regulations, about things like arsenic in water.

The second is a man from the Cato Institute who is intent on privatizing Social Security, he is now Deputy Commissioner, at Social Security.

And then we have Sam Fox, our Swift Boat Liar Donor Scumbag. He is now an Ambassador of our country.

You think you can beat these guys with hope and the boy scouts? Good luck.

(For the last year, Dave Johnson and I have been working on exposing some of the more atrocious examples of right wing tactics, check out for some of our work.)