Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Fred Thompson Scandal

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Cliff Schecter
More Fred Thompson Scandal

Just about two months ago, Fred Thompson appeared on Hannity & Colmes and pontificated openly in that sweet Southern twang--you know the one that makes Republicans instantly vibrate--about making changes in his "contractual" relationships because of his candidacy. The Domed One said, "obviously, there's some practical things, some contractual things that I'm doing."

Well, it's looking like those "contractual things" are as important to him as the sanctity of marriage. At least when it comes to avoiding second wives who aren't still granted nap-time after show-and-tell is finished .

Of particular interest currently, is that Thompson not only maintains a constant presence on ABC Radio delivering opinion and analysis gleaned from life as a serial-lobbyist, but also provides daily podcasts for the ABC Radio website along with his own goofy version of a blog. He is doing this, mind you, after already having declared his intention to run for President numerous times:

· Thompson Refers To His Decision To Run In Past Tense. In a recent USA Today interview, Thompson referred in the past tense to having decided "I'm going to do this," and then again in the past tense, saying "when I did" decide to move forward with running. During a CNBC interview in early June, Thompson talked about a formal announcement as a foregone conclusion, saying "Well, I don't want to get into a lot of details in terms of a plan before I even announce my candidacy," ["Thompson wants to be 2008's outsider," USA Today, 6/4/07; Cudlow and Kramer, CNBC, 6/6/07]

· Thompson Writes About "My Effort" To Use Internet In Context Of Internet As Source Of Electoral Support. On a political blog in late May 2007, Thompson wrote that:"Whether or not the Internet can elect any particular candidate in any particular race, it's clear that all of you and our many friends across the blogosphere and the Web are part of a true information revolution. That's why so much of my effort has been focused on talking to Americans through this medium." [, 5/23/07(accessed 6/4/07)]

· Thompson Referred To Staff As "Campaign Official." In a May 1, 2007 interview on Fox News Channel, Thompson referred to "campaign official of ours who's helping us out" [Hannity and Colmes, Fox News Channel, 5/01/07]

· Thompson Word Choice Says He's Running. In an interview with the Times of London in late June, Thompson said "I wouldn't run for it if I wasn't willing to pay the price." [The Times (London), 6/21/07]

Oh, and he has formed one of those, whatdoyacallems? That's right, an exploratory committee to run for President.

As if this wasn't bad enough, Thompson's campaign blog features links and excerpts of his commentary so prevalently they're as widely distributed as oxycodone HCl in Rush Limbaugh's bloodstream. Hell, Thompson even admits this corporate helping-hand is assisting his campaign, but hasn't felt any need to live up to his promise to change those "contractual things." Because he's a man of the people, don't ya know:

· Thompson Considers Himself "Already In The Hunt" Because Of His Internet Visibility, Acknowledging He Is Saving Campaign Money Because Of Web Presence Via ABC, Others. Talking about his Internet presence - which includes the prominent ABC Radio blogging and audio files of radio appearances, Thompson noted that "using the Internet already 'has allowed me to be in the hunt, so to speak, without spending a dime.'" ["Thompson wants to be 2008's outsider," USA Today, 6/4/07]

I'm sure glad this was the man who investigated Bill Clinton for campaign finance abuses, as he seems to have a thorough understanding of all the loopholes. But hey, just watch him on tv - during this week, Thompson will appear 31 times, (twice in "In The Line of Fire", and the rest in various incarnations of Law & Order) - and you'll see he's honest, because, ya know, he may not be a man of any integrity, but he plays one on tv.