Thursday, July 01, 2004

'Real Criminal Is Bush'

Saddam Hussein, was arraigned in a suburban Baghdad courtroom today. The courtroom was in a place that was once part of a palace built for him.

Saddam jabbed his finger a few times at the judge, but did not raise his voice. He did question the court, asking under whose authority the court is being run.

He sparred with the judge over whether the court had any jurisdiction over him and said the proceeding was the work of U.S. occupiers.

At one point Saddam asked the judge if he represented the coalition.

His lawyers were prevented from entering Iraq.

Saddam told the court: "this is all theater," and that "the real criminal is Bush," who he said is trying to win re-election.

Now no one will argue that Saddam was a dictator and that he did some heinous things for which he should be held accountable, but in reviewing the televised news reports on various channels, most are stating as factual (based on what, I don't know), that today's arraignment will help Bush because it will show people why the invasion of Iraq by the US was a good thing. Seems they have forgotten how the Reagan/Bush administration armed Iraq and used to be buddies with Saddam. Further, they also seem to be forgotting how many Americans have and continue to die or get maimed or wounded just to help Bush try to get reelected.