Friday, October 29, 2004

A clear choice

Every election is a referrendum on the incumbent. This election is no exception.
Bush/Cheney et al keep trying to scare the citizens of the USA by saying that we would be attacked by terrorists only if we elect Kerry/Edwards. But hey, wait a minute. We already were attacked, and it was during the watch of Bush/Cheney, who ignored all warnings leading up to the attack, and then when we were attacked, Bush sat like a deer in the headlights in a classroom full of children, potentially endangering all of them by staying there, and failing to act immediately, swiftly, and decisively to find out what was going on and do whatever he could to prevent whatever else was still in progress (like the 2nd, 3rd and 4th planes).

So, when you go to the polls on Tuesday November 2nd, remember who took their eye off the ball and allowed us to be attacked, then took their eye off the ball again and diverted the war on terrorism (not on "terror") from Osama bin Laden to removing from power the guy "daddy didn't get," and to cause the death of over 1000 brave US soldiers who would otherwise still be alive and the wounding of over 8000 brave US soldiers who would otherwise still be whole.

And then, of course, there is the loss of many of our civil rights, taking the biggest surplus (thank you, President Clinton) and turning it into the biggest deficit (gee thanks, President Bush), the loss of millions of jobs, the encouragement by this administration to ship jobs to other countries, record high oil and gas prices, record high health care costs, not enough flu vaccines, (I could go on for a very long time.....). And for those who may be confused, Bush's failure to make any attempts at mediating the tense issues between the Arabs/Palestinians and Israel has made the situation more dangerous for Israel as well as for the US.

The choice is clear: more of the same is not an option.

On November 2, 2004 elect Kerry/Edwards.