Friday, October 29, 2004

NRA Ad Falsely Accuses Kerry
(the website Cheney meant to send you to to get the facts about his lies)

NRA Ad Falsely Accuses Kerry

It says he's sponsoring a proposal to ban "every pump shotgun" and
voted "to ban deer-hunting ammunition." Don't believe either claim.


The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund began airing a TV
ad Oct. 26 falsely accusing Kerry of voting to ban deer-hunting
ammunition. In fact, what Kerry voted for was a proposal to outlaw rifle
ammunition "designed or marketed as having armor piercing capability."

The NRA ad also claims Kerry is co-sponsoring a bill "that would ban
every semiautomatic shotgun and every pump shotgun." That's false.
Kerry co-sponsored extension of the now-expired assault-weapon ban, a
measure that would have expanded the ban to cover military-style shotguns
but specifically exempts pump-action shotguns.