Monday, December 12, 2005

DuPont Proves the Bush Administration Wrong on the cost of reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Laurie David
DuPont Proves the Bush Administration Wrong

A T-shirt worn by a young protester at the climate conference in Montreal read: “Stop asking how much it will cost you, and start asking how much it will cost us”. That is the only coherent question we should be considering. For proof that the Bush administration’s constant refrain that “our economy can’t afford the price tag of regulating CO2” is just plain false, look no further than the giant DuPont corporation.

According to the December 12 issue of Business Week, DuPont has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 65 percent since 1990 -- and, in the process, actually saved itself over $2 billion. That’s right, SAVED.

So the Bush talking points need a rewrite:

we can’t afford to not start regulating CO2 emissions. The arguments against stopping global warming are ringing hollower and hollower. And faux U.S. representatives and Exxon stooges like Harlan Watson are looking stupider and stupider. The problem is, in the eyes of the rest of the world, he is taking us down with him.