Sunday, December 11, 2005

Reed: Bush Fails to Outline Iraq Strategy

Reed: Bush Fails to Outline Iraq Strategy
Democratic Sen. Jack Reed Says President Bush Fails to Outline Clear Iraq War Strategy
The Associated Press

WASHINGTON - President Bush has failed to outline an effective strategy for winning the war in Iraq, Sen. Jack Reed said Saturday in the Democratic Party's weekly radio address.

"The American people are eager to hear the president's plan for success in Iraq, rebuilding the country and bringing our troops home," Reed said. "Instead, the president continues to offer vague generalities and rhetoric with no specifics about what needs to be done."

The Rhode Island senator, saying the current course in Iraq is a mistake, called on Bush to offer a more candid appraisal of how the war-ravaged nation can be stabilized and put on a surer path to democracy.

"If the president has any hope of regaining the nation's support for operations in Iraq and justifying the growing cost in lives and taxpayer dollars ... he must be candid and honest about the current situation."

Reed, a former Army Ranger who is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, accused the Bush Administration of assailing the patriotism of Iraq war critics.

ABC News
"I have found it disturbing that the Bush administration has attacked the patriotism of those who question the administration's policies in Iraq," Reed charged. "Baseless partisan attacks won't help us win the war, won't help the troops and won't protect our nation from our enemies."

Reed, unlike some Democrats, does not support an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. His criticism comes in the wake of two major speeches on Iraq by Bush in the past two weeks aimed at rallying slumping public support for his war policies.