Friday, December 09, 2005

Jury Duty Scam

Jury Duty Scam

The following is from the NYC Department of Investigation. The provided
contact information in the notice is for the NYC Inspector General's
office. If you are outside NYC, and you encounter this problem, you
should notify your local Inspector General's office.


Law enforcement agencies have been receiving reports of a new
identity theft scheme. Callers, identifying themselves as United States
court employees, have been contacting members of the public by
telephone, and telling them that they have been selected for jury duty.
The caller then asks for personal information including names, social
security numbers, dates of birth, and credit card numbers. The callers
have threatened fines if the person refuses to provide the requested

All members of the public should be aware that the United States
court system does not contact members of the public by telephone and
does not ask for personal information over the telephone. If you
receive a telephone call like the one described above, do not provide any of
the requested information as this is an attempt to obtain personal
information so that your identity can be used fraudulently.

If you have already been contacted and provided personal
information, you should obtain and carefully review your credit reports
and monitor all account statements. Also, please notify the Inspector
General’s Office at (212) 825-5904.