Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sharpton: Pull 2 Alabama Candidates From Race

Yahoo! News
Sharpton: Pull 2 Ala. Candidates From Race

Alabama Democrats should get rid of a candidate who denies the Holocaust and another who has advocated killing illegal immigrants, activist Al Sharpton said Monday.

While state party officials say they are powerless to remove the pair from the ballot because the June 6 primary is so close, Sharpton said: "There's no room for these two men in our big tent."

Larry Darby, seeking the party's nomination for attorney general, denies the Holocaust occurred and recently spoke at a gathering of National Vanguard, which describes itself as a "pro-white" organization.

Harry Lyon, who wants to become the Democrats' gubernatorial candidate, has advocated killing illegal immigrants as a way to keep them out of Alabama.

State party chairman Joe Turnham said both are "so far out" that neither has a shot at winning and to attempt to remove them from the ballot at this point could provide ammunition for a legal challenge.

Sharpton, a New York minister and former presidential candidate, said the party's response was inadequate.